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The Audrey Grace House in Abilene, Texas, part of the Community Center of Care, provides residential treatment services to children, ages 5 to 17, suffering from emotional, behavioral, and attachment or relationship problems. The home accommodates 30 children and treatment length usually lasts from 9 to 12 months.

When a child enters into our care, the treatment team, consisting of the house director, the treatment director, and the case manager, develops a highly individualized treatment plan according to the needs of the child. The treatment plan keeps all staff involved in the child’s development. It is focused on why the child is at New Horizons and what needs to be done so the child can succeed after leaving.

The children who live at the Audrey Grace House attend area schools and participate in community activities. The children regularly fish in the large tank behind the house and play games on our large lot. We give our children the same opportunities as their peers by taking them to the library, going to the mall, swimming at the pool and attending community events and football games. We allow and encourage them to participate in community and school activities by acting in plays, playing sports and attending various events. We plan various activities for the children to share in as part of their continual growth and healing.


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History of the Audrey Grace House

The Audrey Grace House opened in 2009. It was constructed by a significant gift from the T. Boone Pickens Foundation and community partners who are dedicated to the wellbeing of our children. This home is named in memory of a child lost at birth by Leon and Jane Backes of Dallas, the first major contributors to the project through fundraising efforts in the equine community.

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