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A time to be thankful

All the kids at Thanksgiving


It's the time of year to share time with those you love. At New Horizons, our kids enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Here are some pictures from the day.

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Donna's Story

Donna was the product of a rape her dad had committed against her 16-year-old mother at a party one night. When she was a baby, he tried to hang her from her crib in her bedroom. Finally, her mother decided enough was enough and moved with her from New York to Lubbock.
When her father was released from prison and on probation, he found them in West Texas.

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12 Core Concepts for Understanding Traumatic Stress Responses in Children

dad and daughter


The 12 Concepts can help you better understand and assist trauma-exposed children. Child traumatic stress occurs when children and adolescents are exposed to traumatic events or traumatic situations that overwhelm their ability to cope. Although many of us may experience reactions to stress from time to time, when a child is experiencing child traumatic stress, these reactions interfere with his or her daily life and ability to function and interact with others. 

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Cowpokes Trail Ride sittin' high on the horse!


The Cowpokes for Kids Trail Ride brought friends, new and past, together for a weekend of riding the range. Through the hills of the McCasland, Pigfoot, and Youman ranches, all the cowpokes hopped in the saddle to help the kids at New Horizons. Here are just a few of the wonderful people and views from the weekend! Special thanks to Paula Engelhardt and Tim Clendenen for the photos.

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