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New Horizons provides counseling and specialized treatment to children and families throughout Texas. For 45 years, we have been helping children who are suffering from emotional trauma due to abuse and neglect. The core belief and guiding principle for New Horizons has been, and will continue to be, Children are First. Keeping kids first requires that every decision and action be motivated by and geared toward meeting the highest need of the individual child in care. Our mission is to provide an environment where children and families are able to heal and grow through caring relationships, unconditional love and acceptance.

New Horizons was founded in 1971 by Del Barnett as a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed boys on 150 acres in Goldthwaite, TX. A number of boys from a treatment center near Austin were taken on a camping trip, on the land that is presently "The Ranch" in Goldthwaite. They were so successful in the more open, individualistic environment that a decision was made to build a permanent residence. Originally known as Camp Pecan Bayou, the name was changed to New Horizons in 1974 as the result of a group effort by the boys to decide on a name which better expressed the purpose and was easier to spell! The first girl was admitted to the program in 1978.

New Horizons Philosophy and Mission is based upon healthy and safe relationships. Relationship must be built in order to help children develop success and pride in themselves, high self esteem and to enjoy life as a child. Staff help children explore the abandonment, neglect, abuse, trauma and/or issues behind the behavior that brought them into care. This allows them to find ways to deal with the issues so that their behaviors do not disrupt or destroy their lives.

Using relationship as a basis for treatment has proven to be very successful with helping children overcome their trauma. The focus in all we do each day is based on what’s best for the child.

"The miracle of children is that we just don’t know
                       how they will change or who they will become.

Over the years, New Horizons’ appearance has changed considerably. Today, we operate two residential treatment centers, child placing agencies (foster care and adoption) and provide youth and family counseling services.

At New Horizons, we seek to create a positive, healthy relationship with each child in the hopes of healing their past hurts. Through doing this, we can set children on a path of hope to a better future in becoming a productive citizen of society.

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