Updates from New Horizons

April 2019

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New Horizons received a grant for $2,850 from the Community Foundation of Abilene – Future Fund. These funds will be used to provide a loving home and program support for the children who live at Audrey Grace House. Audrey Grace House is home to 40 children, ages 5 to 17, who have experienced severe physical or sexual abuse and need intensive therapy to overcome their traumatic experience. The children at Audrey Grace House were removed from their biological home and placed into foster care.

Audrey Grace House helps children explore the abandonment, neglect, abuse, trauma, and issues behind the behavior that brought them into care. They offer ways to process the issues so their behaviors do not disrupt or destroy their lives.

The Future Fund at Community Foundation of Abilene is a membership-based fund that provides funding to local nonprofit organizations serving children and youth. For more information about the Future Fund, visit

New Horizons provides a home and therapeutic services to children who suffer from emotional, behavioral, and attachment trauma due to physical and sexual abuse. We offer residential treatment centers, foster care, adoption, and youth and family counseling to over 1,200 children in Texas each year. Our mission is to provide an environment where children, families, and staff are able to heal and grow through caring relationships, unconditional love, and acceptance. For more information, visit



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