Do you feel life can bring you down sometimes? What if your life as a child or as a teen had encountered traumatic experiences over and over?

Maybe your story is like Coleman’s.

Coleman has been living at New Horizons for some time. With dedication and commitment to improve himself and his life despite his circumstances, he completed his therapy plan at New Horizons and is ready to move forward. He graduated from the school on New Horizons’ campus a few weeks ago. It was a big celebration that day with many in attendance, including his doting grandmother.

Coleman is a hard worker and he has thrived while working with the New Horizons Ranch maintenance crew around New Horizons’ home. The Ranch has a water treatment plant to maintain the facility. US Water, a water services company, maintains and monitors the water systems. It was through this that Coleman built a connection with the company.

US Water decided to allow Coleman to be the first participant in their internship/mentorship program. (They also provided new tools and a gift card for his graduation and had three of their staff members present for the graduation!)

He will live at New Horizons for a couple more months. He is completing studies to obtain his water license – a certification that only a few individuals in the state carry. After he completes the test and receives his license, he will be moving to Austin to work for US Water.

What can you learn from Coleman and his story?

1. Your story is not over yet.

Coleman had many obstacles to overcome in his young life. He had the option to quit trying and not change his outlook on life. Instead, he made a choice to change his behavior and better himself.

2. Look around and try new things. You might find your passion.

Coleman started working with the maintenance crew at the Ranch. What started as a simple work project turned into something much more. He started doing multiple work projects – by his own choice – because it’s what he loves doing.

3. Connect with those around you.

Coleman’s passion led to connecting with the right people. Because he was doing something he enjoyed, he connected with those who are going to drive him forward.

Recently, we had some visitors tour New Horizons.

Coleman told them, “New Horizons lets you have a choice. I’ve been to other places where they tell you everything you have to do, but it’s not like that here. They have taught me that you have to choose to change your behavior and that it’s up to you to make the change. You have to want to help yourself and your life can be different.”

Coleman can now take a step forward in life, looking for good things ahead.


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