By Hannah Wiginton

Kara lived at New Horizons for 1 year. Due to family issues, she and her brothers all found a home at New Horizons Ranch in Goldthwaite. Kara finished our program in January 2013 and moved to Austin where she was enrolled in an Independent Living Program and finished her senior year.

Kara had dreams and goals, but needed some help to accomplish them.

She recently moved to San Antonio to live near her mentor, who she calls “mom”. Kara wanted to get her nursing degree and enrolled in nursing school.

Kara and a few other nursing school students were going to carpool to the school each day, but Kara had no way of helping out. At the age of 20 and with no financial help from family, Kara called her New Horizons family. She needed help getting a car.

One of New Horizons’ friends and donor, Kelly McCarty, had previously mentioned that he would like to help out one of our kids in a special way. Michael, New Horizons’ Executive Director, made the phone call to Kelly. Michael explained to him how one of our former kids needed help getting a car.

This was a special situation with a girl who was working on making a better life for herself, she just needed some help to get there.

Kelly was more than willing to help Kara. He donated $10,000 to go into an account to help purchase Kara a 2013 Hyundai Elantra!

While Kara is in nursing school, the money will be used to make her car payment every month. Once she has graduated and has a steady job, she will begin taking over the payments. Any remaining money from the $10,000 will go toward the final payoff of the car.

We oftentimes don’t realize how big of a role our family plays in our day-to-day life. The kids who don’t have a strong support system need someone they can depend on and call in times of need.

Kara is just one of many kids who continues to see New Horizons as her family and home!


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