By Jason Shaw, M.Ed., STAR Counselor

So often the issues we face have to do with how we interact and communicate with the world around us. Sometimes how we choose to treat others is a direct correlation with how we have been treated in the past.

We can choose to treat others respectfully and honestly even if we haven’t been treated that way before. We all want our kids to grow up being to be strong and successful. The path to their success can start with your positive example.

Try practicing these 5 virtues on a daily basis. They will help you to better communicate with your world and those you care about most.

Show Respect: We show respect when we acknowledge and appreciate others. Whether they are our boss, teacher, friend, parent or co-worker, we all like to feel appreciated and acknowledged for who we are.

Be Responsible: We all have areas in life where we are responsible. Showing that we can be responsible for the things that we have and the people around us gives us a sense of pride and self-worth.

Be Honest: Honesty is the first step in becoming a trustworthy individual. Honesty conveys to others that you are an individual who can be trusted. Be truthful in what you say and do. Take ownership in the areas that you fall short.

Have a Positive Attitude: With the right attitude, even the most difficult task can be accomplished. Our attitude shows a great deal of what is in our hearts and minds. One way to kick start a positive attitude is to begin with GRATITUDE. Being thankful for the things we have and the opportunities we have been given is a great way to improve our attitude

Lead by Example: There is no better way to instill these virtues in our children then by leading by example.

So ask yourself these questions when dealing with kids:

  • Am I showing my kids I know how to be respectful to everyone?
  • Even those individuals who are not respecting me?
  • Am I showing my kids that I know how to be responsible for the things I have?
  • Am I showing my kids that I know how to be honest and am a trustworthy individual?
  • What does my attitude reflect? Am I showing an attitude of gratitude?
  • In what areas could you improve, in order to be a better role model?


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